How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop?

Bought a new Asus laptop? Great choice! Asus now manufactures high quality laptops and always coming up with new features. While Asus has very easy-to-go features and smooth operations, sometimes many have trouble how to find the screenshot option in the laptop.

As Asus has many models, some models have different features and buttons about how to screenshot a screen on laptop. There are several ways to take a screenshot on Asus laptop. You can use the keyboard buttons or even use some tools or software.

Want to find out in detail how to screenshot on Asus laptop properly? Then have a look below!

Using the keyboard

You can simply use a keyboard function to take a screenshot of the whole screen if you want. The PrtSc key on the laptop is a great option for it. Let’s see how to take a screenshot on Asus Laptop using the keyboard.

  1. First, press the PrtScr button on your keyboard. When your press the button, the computer will capture the whole screen and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. You can also press the Windows logo key and select Paint. Now, you can press Ctrl+V and paste the screenshot into the Paint program. By pressing Ctrl+S, you can save the screenshot on your computer.

You can also other buttons to take the screenshot. First, find the Windows logo key of your laptop and the volume down button together to make the screenshot taken. It works for all the Asus laptop models. You’d find the screenshots at the saved folder.

Do This If You Have Win 8 and 10

Those with Windows 8 or 10 operating system can use this way instead. Press the Windows logo and the PrtSc options simultaneously to take the screenshot.

After you took the shot, your computer will save it in the Screenshot folder at C drive automatically. If you are saving it in a cloud drive like One Drive, then it can be synced with the folder.

How to Take a Custom Screenshot?

The previous ways we have seen are more suited for taking the screenshot for the whole screen. What if you need to capture the screenshot of a specific part of the screen? Custom screenshotting is also available in Asus.

Press the Windows logo, then Shift button and the S at the same time.  Click there with your mouse and drag to select the certain area of the screen. Copy it and then past it in editing software such as Paint or any that you like. Or you can always the save it right then in picture format.

Perhaps the easiest way to take a custom screenshot would be the snipping tool. Snipping tool is a default app in your computer. Search Snipping tool from the programs and click on it to open. As the window opens, select the option ‘New’.

You will see a frame coming. By adjusting the frame size, select the portion you want to take the screenshot. Directly save the screenshot in your computer as a png or jpg file and you’re done!

Other than Snipping tool, you can also use a tool called SnagIt. First, download this tool from net as it’s free. Create an account in the website and sign in to it. A

fter downloading and opening the application, click on the ‘Capture’ button. You will end up with a window which you can drag and adjust and select the portion you want to take a screenshot of.

Screenshot Extensions Are Also Handy

You can also use special extensions for taking screenshots. Sometimes the PrtSc option might not work, so it’s a good idea to know all the other options. There are many of these extensions such as Lightshot, FireShot, Nimbus Screenshot, HTML, GoFullPage and so on.

You can find all of them in the Chrome Web Store. Of course, you can get the extensions for other browsers too. You can highlight, edit, resize and crop as you wish using the extensions. After being done, you can save it or export it as a PNG or JPG format file.

How to Record a Video in Asus Laptop?

Can you screenshot videos? Don’t laugh it away though! While you can never really capture a video, you can record it on Asus laptop. Firstly, choose the Quick setting option from the laptop and choose the Screen Recorder icon.

Start the recording and then save it to a desired folder. If you want to make any changes to the recording, tap the ‘v’ icon that’s next to the time and you would see a toolbar. Now, click on the Stop button and start recording. 

How to Take a Screenshot in Asus Smartphone?

Some also ask how to take screenshots using Asus smartphones. Asus smartphones run in Android OS. So, the process is a bit same like the other android phones. To take a screenshot on the Asus smartphone, press the ‘Power’ button and the ‘Volume’ button together.

You have to press it for 2 seconds and done! The screenshot is done taking. You’d likely to hear a click and a flash. The screenshot would be saved at the screenshot folder of your phone.

You can also use an app, Apowersoft Screenshot. Through this you’d only want to click on the button and take the shot. 

Final Words

So, these are few of the ways on how to screenshot on Asus laptop. You can follow these rules to take screenshots. Asus has many models in the market and some have different configurations. Using the PrtScr button is perhaps the easiest way to take a full screenshot of the window. You can use different types of tools as well and software to take screenshots.

There are advantages and disadvantages of both hotkey solutions and keyboards. Choose the most convenient option that suits your needs. Overall, Asus laptop is one of the best laptops in the market and it’s not difficult to use different functionalities.

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